Care & Repair

Care For Nail Art Brushes

  • After using your brushes always clean the bristles using a nail polish remover to remove any remaining paint or varnish.
  • You may rinse the bristles with water after the use of acetone to extend the life of the bristles. Ensure your bristles and brush are completely dry before storing. 
  • Always store your brushes with the locking cap on to protect and extend the life of your bristles.
  • Our brushes are solid Brass which is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. This gives them their bright gold-like appearance. Whilst being extremely durable most brass will oxidize over time leaving a slight tarnish or patina. We feel that this adds character and tells the story of your artistic journey. If you would like to restore your brass to a shine and remove oxidation, you may use a metal polishing cloth specifically made for brass or a brass cleaner. We do not support the use of third party brass cleaning products and recommend that you spot test any chemical cleaner prior to use. Always follow the specific directions of use listed on the cleaning solution itself. 

Artist Palette Rings

Please note there are two versions of the Artist Palette Ring, one crafted of solid brass (purchased in 2021) and the other crafted of brass with gold plating and e-coating (purchased in 2022 and later). It is important to follow the guidelines that pertain to the item which you have.  

For the NEW Artist Palette Ring

    • It is important to remove product from your palette ring as soon as possible. Product which drys on your palette will damage and remove the protective e-coating and may cause discolorations or unwanted oxidation.
    • After use immediately remove any residual pigments, dyes, polishes, or cosmetics by using a soft non-abrasive cloth and warm water. 
    • If there remains any product on your palette you may use a natural/mild dish detergent, a very soft cloth, and warm water to remove stuck on product. Immediately dry your palette after cleaning.
    • For any remaining nail polish, dyes, or pigments we advise to use only a non-toxic nail polish remover. To lengthen the life of the protective e-coating we suggest only using solvents like nail polish remover sparingly and only when needed. 
    • The use of acetone, or non-acetone polish removers may remove the e-coating layer of the palette ring.   
    • We do not recommend jewelry cleaning cloths contain abrasives and solvents and may remove the e-coating layer of the palette ring.
    • Store your Artist Palette Ring in the velvet carry bag or other soft non-abrasive case in a dry location. Do not store your ring when wet or with left over pigments, polishes, or cosmetic product left on the palette. 
    • Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or abrasives (including baking soda) on your e-coated products as it will remove/damage the e-coating protective layer. 

For the original Artist Palette Ring (2021)

    • Our brass creations & tools are made from high quality solid brass. Brass is naturally resistant to the harmful effects of certain chemicals like acetone. Although our products are made to last using a durable metal like brass, it can still be susceptible to oxidation over time, and tarnish or rust if exposed to moisture. 
    • If your Doublemoss Arte brass ring becomes dirty, dull or requires a basic cleaning use tepid water and a small amount of natural dish detergent. Using your fingers, or an extremely soft non-abrasive brush rub gently until the grime or dirt appears to be dislodged. Rinse with warm water until the surface of the creation appears clean and shiny once more. Immediately dry the creation making sure to dry the interior, underside, and small crevasse that may exist. Moisture left to air dry may cause rust or tarnish. 
    • Once clean, always store your Doublemoss Arte brass creation away from any moisture and direct sunlight. Do not allow your creation to come in direct contact with other metals or items that may scratch the brass. 
    • If your creation becomes wet or comes in contact with chemicals like alcohol, acetone or varnish always clean your creation immediately using a gentle detergent and soft natural cloth. Immediately dry your creation with a clean cloth and store it.
    • Never allow varnish, makeup, or other cosmetics to dry on your Doublemoss Arte creation.
    • We do not support the use of third party brass cleaning products and recommend that you spot test any chemical cleaner prior to use. Always follow the specific directions of use listed on the cleaning solution itself. 

Oxidation of Brass Creations

  • In certain cases and throughout the lifetime of your brass creations you may experience oxidation (tarnish/spots/dark marks) of your brass creation. Oxidation can occur on any brass creation and is a natural life stage of this beautiful metal. Oxidation type and severity varies with use, environmental conditions, exposure to chemicals or solvents and composition of the wearers skin. 
  • If you wish to remove tarnish and oxidation and restore your item to a like new condition the good news is that many at-home solutions work with minimal effort and no special chemicals. 

Some Important things to be aware of prior to removing oxidation:

  • Never use an abrasive pad, brush, or cloth as this will scratch, and mar the surface of the brass and remove its finish. 
  • Using an acidic solution may remove both the e-coating and 14k gold plating. This will not affect your rings functionality, however for those with skin reaction to brass, you may notice that with prolonged wearing your skin may show a topical reaction commonly seen when wearing brass jewelry. 
  • We always suggest testing an inconspicuous area of the item with whatever cleaning method you do choose, as some processes may cause further damage to your item. 
  • Due to the fact that each item's age, and condition of oxidation may vary, we can not recommend a single method which may work for your unique circumstance. You can readily find methods available via a quick internet search. 
  • We do recommend you start with the least aggressive method available such as a simple natural non-detergent soap and water solution. If this doesn't seem to do the trick move on to more aggressive solutions like a lemon juice & water mixture. 
  • If you find a method that works for you please feel free to share it with us let us know about your success! 
  • If you need more assistance in removing tarnish or have any questions please email us at


  • At this time we are unable to provide repair services for our Doublemoss Arte Line of products.