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What is e-coated jewelry?

Electrophoretic Coating (aka e-coating)

is a process where electrochemical particles (typically transparent ceramic or acrylic) are bonded to the surface of a metal, in our case gold, to create a very thin layer of protection of the metal which lies beneath. It helps to prevent tarnish and oxidation. E-coating helps to extend the life of items crafted of metal however it does wear off over time, and depending on the use and environmental factors which the item may be subject to. 

Jeweler using flame to heat up ring for e-coating application

What is the difference between "E-Coating" & Plating? 

Plating is a process where a new metal (such as gold) is electrochemically bonded to another substrate metal (commonly brass/silver) and forms a new layer of metal. The big difference between the two is that plating is used to cover the substrate material with a new material. In jewelry fabrication this is a great way to have gold jewelry that only has very little amounts of gold weight in the product. 

Why do we use plating and e-coating on our Artist Palette Ring?

Customer's loved the original Artist Palette Ring so much that they began to wear it all day long as a fashion accessory. Certain people have a natural allergic reaction to copper (brass is a natural alloy of copper & zinc) which may appear as green marks on their skin. To help prevent such reaction, we improved our palette ring by adding a 14k gold plating which separates the brass from coming contact with the wearers skin. We then added an e-coating layer to help prevent oxidation and tarnish. Although e-coating does wear off over time and depending on your use and environmental factors, it does generally provide years of protection. Even when your e-coating fades, your palette will still be completely functional and work as intended as the gold plating will still remain as a protective barrier. Once your e-coating has faded completely and over time your palette may show signs of oxidation which is a natural reaction to the elements. Don't be worried as there are simple at-home remedies to quickly remove tarnish and get your palette looking new again. 

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