Primero Brush Set
Primero Brush Set
Primero Brush Set
Primero Brush Set
Primero Brush Set

Primero Brush Set

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Our luxury brushes are meticulously machined of solid brass for unparalleled durability and to withstand the repeated use of acetone and alcohol.

Designed by nail artist Betina Goldstein, these premium quality brushes use a synthetic vegan bristle for superior precision, allowing you to achieve the finest of details. 

The sleek design yields a perfect weight which provides balance and comfort for extended use. The screw-on locking cap design enables protection and extends the life of your bristles. With the cap attached, the brush itself becomes a minimalist piece of art. 

Our obsession with style and function is realized, redefine your experience of creating nail art with the Primero Brush set. 


Arte X - Oval clean up brush
Arte 1 - 4mm short detailer brush
Arte 2: - 8mm long detailer brush

Individual Brush length including cap: 175 mm
Individual Brush circumference: 8mm
Individual Brush weight: 27.2g

Shaft: Machined solid brass
Cap: Machined solid brass
Bristles: Premium Synthetic bristle hair , Vegan

Case Dimensions: 190mm x 53mm
Case weight: 69g

Set weight including case: 232.4g

Sold as a set and includes three nail art brushes and velvet storage case.